Knowing Your Tyres

One thing that is common for athletes throughout all disciplines is that they make sure they have the perfect pair of shoes, best suited to their sport, and themselves, before they head out into the field. This tells us how important it is to know our shoes and have the perfect pair on. Tyres are the shoes for our rides and before we take them out into the field it is absolutely necessary for us to know everything about tyres so that we can make sure we have the perfect pair on.

Tyres are more than just rubber donuts with artistic dressing. A lot of research and development in large number of different sciences goes into manufacturing a tyre. Tyres are an epitome of mankind’s engineering prowess. So let’s get to know our tyres! Continue reading “Knowing Your Tyres”


Motorcycle Rake and Trail

When talking about motorcycle geometry and dynamics, Rake and Trail are two names that cannot be ignored. Bikers often talk about these terms and if you’re alien to this concept, today’s your lucky day. But before we get started, I’d like to lay some ground work for the technical terms we shall be discussing. Continue reading “Motorcycle Rake and Trail”

Bike Performance EXPLAINED!

Power, torque, speed – every quintessential motorhead is obsessed with these figures for their favourite set of wheels. However, there tends to be a lot of misconception and ignorance regarding the interplay of these factors and how they reflect a vehicle’s behaviour.

We tend to believe that a higher rated brake horse power means a better bike. Let me share a secret, that’s bull shit. While greater power figures do give an indication of a bike’s performance, there are other things to be considered before coming to a decision. So let’s cut the chase and settle this for good. Continue reading “Bike Performance EXPLAINED!”