Are Electric Motorcycles the Next Big Thing?

The world is going head over heels for electric cars today thanks to Tesla Motors. Tesla has revolutionized the electric car industry with their space age technology and high power density battery packs. They have made a few decades worth of progress in a few short years. Their models have garnered an increasing admiration from world over with some people calling the Model X the best car ever. Continue reading “Are Electric Motorcycles the Next Big Thing?”


Beginning of a new e-ra?

In the late 19th century, an invention shook the world. A promising innovation, that even though praised by all, was adopted by few – it was found too impractical for daily use. But little did the world know that times were a-changin’. I’m talking about the invention of the ‘modern car’ with an internal combustion engine by Karl Benz in 1885. Continue reading “Beginning of a new e-ra?”

Busting Motorcycle Myths & Misconceptions

When it comes to bikes there are a plethora of misconceptions out there, floating around like viruses. And these are no ordinary viruses. When you get infected, these viruses make you say things in front of fellow bikers that you shouldn’t and invariably make you look stupid.

This post is all about getting you vaccinated against these virus-like misconceptions. And if you are already infected by one or more of these misconceptions, than this is your cure. Happy healing, err I mean, happy reading. Continue reading “Busting Motorcycle Myths & Misconceptions”